The main objectives of the Ibero-American Conference on Radiation Protection in Medicine (CIPRaM) 2016 are to review advances in the implementation of the actions proposed in the Bonn Call for Action, to identify problems and possible solutions, to promote good practices and to define progress indicators for those actions. The conference will also serve as an opportunity to exchange information and experience gained in recent years in relation to radiation protection in medicine, and to establish/strengthen ties between Ibero-American countries for cooperation in this field.

The Conference is aimed at all sectors involved in the medical use of ionising radiation. These include, among others: health professionals (users and/or prescribers), healthcare authorities, radiation protection regulatory bodies, other relevant authorities (for example in science and technology, education, etc.), healthcare sector professional associations, radiation protection associations, patients’/consumers’ associations, manufacturers of medical devices (including diagnostic and therapeutic devices, computer devices for managing dosimetric data, quality control equipment and radiation protection devices), and academic and research institutions.

The expected results of this Conference are: